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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day Three

Thanks to Sharon and Lynn for all the food- the watermelon and strawberries hit the spot!

A very cool expirience at Michigan International Speedway. We all added 2 miles to our route by doing a turn around the track. Thanks to Barry Gibson and crew!

South Jackson was our shelter from the storm, and then Rod and Jackie joined us for our trek to MIS. We also had the pleasure of having Mike and Shaun Wiers join us for some shortcake as they switched out our vehicles. Thanks guys, what a great morning!

Wow, everyone is a little worn out today- we officially passed the halfway mark- we are at about 170 right now. We are in the little town of Hudson, at the Hudson United Methodist church. We were blessed all day- a great breakfast to start us off at the Jackson's, shelter from a storm and shortcake at South Jackson Community, the company of the Monasmiths on our tour from South Jackson to MIS. Lunch and a race around the track at the MIS (we have video!). We had a delightful visit with Sharon and Lynn at the Rollin township offices, and a great reception at Hudson.
God has been so good to us- safety, weather, health and blessing!
Thank you to all of our hosts on Wednesday- you are awesome!

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