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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Haiti in February

Geoff will be heading to Haiti on Feb. 23-28. It is going to be a rather busy trip taking pictures for the sponsorship program and doing the HIS HOME 300 "Child of the Day" videos. We are thinking of focusing on the girls in the HIS HOME ER during this years ride. All the riders and hosts last year prayed for six kids at HIS HOME, five of which are now in the process of being adopted and brought to their forever families- how cool is that?
I will also be carrying with me a UV water filter for the ER. This filter is being built and donated by Jerry and Paul at Clean Water for the World. They use donations and volunteers to provide clean and safe water for people who don't have it. Thanks Jerry and Paul!
Please be in prayer for the girls in the ER. The children being brought in are younger than we first anticipated, most being in the 8-12 year old range. These girls were taken out of terrible and abusive conditions in the tent camps and are now safe, going to school, receiving good nutrition and are going to start vocational training as age allows.
Our first ER baby was born on Dec. 23- Dieulando arrived into the world at the ER due to the frequent gunfire outside that made travel to the hospital unsafe. Dieulando has been moved to a cozy crib at HIS HOME and already has a family in America waiting and praying for him. You can see pictures of the girls in the ER on the sponsorship page.

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