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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who we are riding for....

I want to share the story of one of our HIS ER girls. Working as a slave (known in Haiti as a restavek) in a tent city, this girl was left alone one night by her “boss“. She was instructed to “stay put”. Shortly after, an unknown man appeared in the tent, and she was violated. With no biological family support, she had no place to go, so she continued working and suffered in silence. She became pregnant during the rape, and as her condition became more obvious, she was noticed by a social service agency worker who was monitoring the tent community. The 15 year old girl was brought to IBESR, the government office for the protection of minors, and brought to our HIS Home For Children ER (Earthquake Relief) program in January. She received prenatal care, attended church and our school, and enjoyed the love of our staff and HIS Home family. Recently she went into labor, and because of complications needed a cesarean delivery. Thirty minutes later nurses handed me an absolutely beautiful and precious 4 pound 2 ounce baby girl. Baby came home after 24 hours, and a day later momma came home to recover. Because the momma is a young teen, she will be returning to school to get her education and vocational skills, and the baby is being adopted by one of our waiting families. What a joy to know that what satan intended for evil, God is using for good. This momma, as well as our other teen mothers in the program, will have a chance to grow up into the woman that God intends her to become, and her baby will grow up in a family where she will be introduced to Jesus at an early age.

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