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Sunday, November 6, 2011


The Van Berkel clan spent yesterday just north of Albion, MI trying to find a better cycling route around "holey hill". Those words were actually spray painted on the crumbling asphalt at the base of a steep incline that bore no resemblance to the road it probably once was- if you were a rider last year, you remember that road well- we had fresh "stick to your tires" tar and chip, sandy washouts, blown over trees and more potholes than was 98 degrees, we were tired and a little butt-sore at that point. The hill was a little like slow teeth rattling torture.
Trying to find a way around it yesterday got me thinking. I am officially changing the name to "HOLY HILL"- this stretch of road is so very much like my spiritual journey- slow, uphill, full of bone jarring thuds and stuff stuck to my tires. You do your best to weave, but you can't miss them all. And yet, with a bunch of fellow travellers, you encourage, push, yell at and laugh with each other as you do the painful climbs.
How awesome to navigate this life with the people of God before, beside and after me.
Thank you to everyone involved spending themselves on behalf of orphans and forgotten children in Haiti.
I think I just may leave Holy Hill on the route.....

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