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Thursday, June 28, 2012

109 DEGREES!!!!!!!!!!!!! A pretty brutal day today. The tar on the road bubbled to the point where it was like riding on bubble wrap. My tire melted to the tube. Everyone is feeling okay tonight- thanks for all the prayers

 Thank you First Baptist Hudson!  Best sausage gravy around.  Thanks for the blessing!  Welcome Toben and Jeffrey- it was great to have some fresh meat to draft off of!

 Mike's new cooling invention - ice socks to wrap around our necks.  We tried not to think if they had been previously used or not......It kept us cool all day!
 We are in OHIO
 Harrison Lake State Park with Stryker Lutheran- thanks Sue, Betty and Joyce for meeting us here!
Thank you United Brethren of Stryker for the shelter from the heat!

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