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Sunday, January 13, 2013

3 years....

Three years ago at 5 pm we heard about the quake that devasted Port au Prince.  Many anxious and prayer filled days passed as we waited for word from Haiti as to the condition and future of our loved ones at H.I.S.  In God's provision and timing, over 80 children made it home to their forever families shortly after the quake.  H.I.S. Home didn't lose a single child to the earthquake that killed over 250,000 people in the same city. 
The need now is greater than ever- one of the largest tent cities in Port au Prince is less than a block away- tens of thousands of children with little food, no education and no sanitary living conditions that are looking for a ray of hope.
And so we ride, on June 24-29, 2013, to raise awareness and funds for H.I.S. Home for Children- so we can feed, education, train, mentor, nurse and shelter as many kids as God brings to our gates.  Come and be a part of it with us- through riding, hosting, sponsorship or helping with supplies- every cent goes to changing the lives for these kids for the better.

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