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Monday, June 20, 2016

And they are off with a BANG!!  (Literally)
 Here's the 2016 riders ready to go!  Jim caught the trailer with his skull while loading on Sunday night and is sporting 8 brand new shiny staples along with him.  Please pray with us for his health and strength.

May the wind be at their backs on this "not so cool" first day!

First break of the day at Impact Church in Lowell!!  Thanks Tony and the gang for the great sandwiches and awesome hospitality!


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  2. Are you coming to Curtisville Christian Church in Tipton County, Indiana? Please call James Snapp Jr (me) at 765-623-4400 to make sure we've got the right date.

    1. That would not be the Michigan group, try one of the Illinois groups.

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